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Skedsmo Håndballklubb

Medals 2019:
Skedsmo Håndballklubb was one of 48 clubs from Norway that had teams playing during Ellingsrud Vårcup 2019. They participated with two teams in Jenter 13, Nivå 2 (født 2005). The team in Jenter 13, Nivå 2 (født 2005) made it to the the Final in Sluttspill, but lost it against Oppsal by 6-8.

Skedsmo Håndballklubb comes from Skedsmokorset which lies approximately 9 km from Oslo, where Ellingsrud Vårcup takes place. The area around Skedsmokorset does also provide 35 additional clubs participating during Ellingsrud Vårcup 2019 (Among others: Årvoll IL, Vålerenga, Holmen IF, Snarøya Sp.kl., Hasle-Løren IL, Klemetsrud IL, Rælingen Håndballklubb, Skjetten, SSK, Ammerud Håndball and Nesodden Håndballklubb).

11 games played


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