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Hasle-Løren IL J15, N2

Registration number: 1066
Registrator: Trine Kibsgaard Log in
Primary shirt color: Red
2:nd highest goal count per match among the teams in J15, N2 (16.0)
3:rd highest goal count among the teams in J15, N2 (96)
In addition to Hasle-Løren IL, 5 other teams played in Jenter 15, Nivå 2 (født 2003).

Hasle-Løren IL continued to Sluttspill after reaching 1:st place in Group A. In the playoff they made it to Final, but lost it against Lillestrøm Håndballklubb J15-1 with 16-15. In the Final, Hasle-Løren IL won over Lillestrøm Håndballklubb J15-1 and became the winner of Sluttspill in Jenter 15, Nivå 2 (født 2003).

6 games played


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